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by Efrain Gomez


Tag: illustration

Painting of Anthony Ramos in Procreate | Timelapse Video

This digital painting timelapse of Anthony Ramos (In the Heights, Monsters in Men, She’s Gotta Have It, A Star is Born) was made in Procreate app on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.  My illustration is based on a photo from his instagram feed. See my Instagram post here ~~~~~~~~🌐📸 ~~~~~~~~MUSIC:“Papov” and “Nilly

Pixies on Pandas! Illustration

why do they ride pandas if they have wings? maybe flight drains their magical powers? and wouldn’t these be GARGANTUAN-sized pixies? or are these teeny tiny pandas?maybe this united group of ostracized giant pixies were considered abominations in their culture and their wings are torn off at birth?or maybe a slight genetic variation gives them