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by Efrain Gomez


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These tasty cassava flour, gluten-free, chocolate muffins are good, but need more work

Normally I mix up a concoction of almond, coconut, tapioca, and/or arrowroot/cassava flours for gluten-free baking but it’s kind of annoying, and almond flour is sooo 2019. I tried only cassava flour for this small-batch test of 6 smallish muffins. Pretty good result. Feels a little dryer than I’d prefer, and could be a little

Making Caramel Sauce: Quick Process Video

visual:made some caramel* sauce the other day, set the edit to The Office theme song, remixed by The Hyphenate. accidentally stopped recording during the butter portion of the video. audio:The Office [ theme song ] Hip Hop – Rap Trap RemixListen on Spotify:​Apple Music:​​​​​​​​ *Pronounced kherr uh mell