White Afro – First Painting of 2021

Black Man with White Beard and Large White Afro that whimsically whisps upward like a flame
White Afro

I watched a reaction video to another video called, β€œWhat are White People Superior At?”, and a quick blip of this guy caught my attention. Interesting look and silhouette with his big white afro, beard, and some glasses. So I painted him from memory.

Painted in: iPad Procreate App / Apple Pencil

Pixies on Pandas! Illustration

why do they ride pandas if they have wings? maybe flight drains their magical powers? and wouldn’t these be GARGANTUAN-sized pixies? or are these teeny tiny pandas?
maybe this united group of ostracized giant pixies were considered abominations in their culture and their wings are torn off at birth?
or maybe a slight genetic variation gives them massive size but tiny useless wings?

anyhoo, “Pixies on Pandas” is the idea. this is what I’ve got to show for it πŸ˜πŸΌπŸ§šπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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