All those people weren’t doing anything good, productive, peaceful, or patriotic. It’s our country’s capitol – would this have been allowed in the US at any other time without some kind of anti-threat response? What about other countries or even many of the gun-toting Americans at home – wouldn’t they have seen this behaviour as an attack and shot everyone down?

It’s ridiculous to downplay it all by comparing it to riots and destruction in the past. Everyone must take personal, individual responsibility for their own actions, and stop the “bUt I’m nOt aS bAd As ThEm!” contest.
Are we all toddlers? Must we rage in tantrum, demanding attention through attack, aggression, and destruction because some feeble intellectual, professor, or president gave us permission?

I’m so glad people will go back to being good and peaceful now that there’s new figures in charge. Not to mention, the Covidz is gonna go away!

But seriously, one of the beauties of the US is that we have freedom that allows choice. Protest, sit down, vote, storm, rage about the past, move forward, ignore, do nothing… like everything in life, we don’t usually dictate the consequences that follow our choices.

In all your getting, America, get wisdom.