Kindalikesorta is the fruit of my life-long love of making *visual art and other creative stuff.

I like drawing, playing outside, acting, baking, ping-pong, beach tennis, the ocean, studying the Bible, pretending I can skate and surf, observing the unseen realm and blurry creatures, and other really cool stuff I can’t think of right now.

I’ve forced a lot of these interests on my wife, with whom I live in Los Angeles. That was a weird sentence. She’s okay with it. The sentence, not the other stuff.

I don’t like mayonnaise, seafood, and online influencers telling me I should have a clear, concise purpose or mission statement on my website and social media profiles.

If you’re not sold on my absolute coolness, check out The Dream Center in Los Angeles – God works there.

:: Efrain Gomez
artist, actor, baking thug

Questions, concerns, comments?
Nobody cares.
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* BA, Cinematic Arts & Technology – CSU Monterey Bay
MFA, Visual Development –¬†Academy of Art University