Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle saying "cowabunga"

Helloooo, I’m Efrain. I’m a visual artist, actor, and baking thug originally from the big little town of Salinas, California, now living in Los Angeles with my wife, some seasoned plants, an starving sourdough starter, and an extra-large bright yellow Sofa Sac.

As a kid, the gateway drug of cartooning took me into painting and other artsy endeavours. I even studied visual development art* and storytelling** in school.

Kindalikesorta is home to the creative fruit of a life-long addiction to doodling.

When I’m not slinging stylus on iPad glass, you can probably find me chugging butter coffee, listening to Black Gospel music and The Naked Bible with Dr. Michael Heiser, or arguing with God 😉

Stalk me on Instagram or send a message below.

If you’re still not sold on my absolute coolness, check out The Dream Center in Los Angeles – God works there.

Questions, concerns, comments?
Nobody cares.
Just kidding. (send me a message at web @ kindalikesorta dot com)

** BA, Cinematic Arts & Technology – CSU Monterey Bay
* MFA, Visual Development – Academy of Art University