First Sourdough Bread

I started making sourdough bread in February (2021). After watching Joshua Weissman’s sourdough video, I made the starter in January, then started making the bread in February. At the time I didn’t know that it was an advanced (high hydration) recipe. So without ever working with sourdough before, I was slapping and folding sticky dough, stretching and fermenting, and managed to come out with a decent loaf.

So a couple months later and a billion youtube videos and articles consumed, I’m drowning in open crumb lust, oven spring blah blah, bulk fermentation, hydration, and starter feedings. I’ve become mildly obsessed with making the bread even though I’m not into eating it often. And then I stumbled upon scoring technique and decoration, so that was another distraction. I really need to focus on fermentation and oven spring.

Anyway, here are photos of my first loaves back in February.

These tasty cassava flour, gluten-free, chocolate muffins are good, but need more work

Normally I mix up a concoction of almond, coconut, tapioca, and/or arrowroot/cassava flours for gluten-free baking but it’s kind of annoying, and almond flour is sooo 2019. I tried only cassava flour for this small-batch test of 6 smallish muffins. Pretty good result. Feels a little dryer than I’d prefer, and could be a little sweeter. I forgot to set a timer. I’ll try more sugar, another egg yolk, maybe more butter, and I’ll remember to set the timer.

Bagels! Plain and Cinnamon Raisin


My 3rd time making bagels. After slightly tweaking some salt/sugar/yeast ratios, I think I’ve got a cinnamon raisin bagel I’m content with. I started with Joshua Weissman’s plain bagel recipe, then adapted techniques, tips, and recipes I’ve read along with a bunch of Youtube bagel videos. Pictured here is the latest pile of bagels, shaped in the hole-poke and twisty-rope methods (not official terms).