Role in ‘Still Awake’ – a play by Jonathan Langley at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022

I’m in a play coming up in June at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s exciting and challenging since I still feel like a theatre newbie, and theatre/stage performance is what initially sparked my interest in acting. We had our table read and first rehearsals this week, so it’s going well and fast; opening night is in a few weeks! :0

“Still Awake” is a 90-minute dramedy about an ambitious late-night host with a sputtering career who must take momentous action for his show — and country — in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Performance Dates
* Saturday, June 4, 8:30pm
* Saturday, June 11, 5pm
* Sunday, June 12, 12pm
* Saturday, June 18, 5pm
* Thursday, June 23, 7pm   

Buy Tickets (and more info):
Use discount code SOFRINGEY for 10% off

Duet Clip of The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash (Cover)

The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash
I love how Johnny Cash could make even a haunting apocalyptic song sound cool 😎
I was playing around waiting for a video to render, then convinced the Wifey to procrastinate and add some accoutrements to this video😁
By the way, she’s not familiar with Johnny Cash and she’d never heard this song before. For a split second, I considered divorce.

Clip on instagram

Original Johnny Cash Video – The Man Comes Around…