First Sourdough Bread

I started making sourdough bread in February (2021). After watching Joshua Weissman’s sourdough video, I made the starter in January, then started making the bread in February. At the time I didn’t know that it was an advanced (high hydration)…


Making Caramel Sauce: Quick Process Video

visual:made some caramel* sauce the other day, set the edit to The Office theme song, remixed by The Hyphenate. accidentally stopped recording during the butter portion of the video. audio:The Office [ theme song ] Hip Hop – Rap Trap…


Bagels! Plain and Cinnamon Raisin

  My 3rd time making bagels. After slightly tweaking some salt/sugar/yeast ratios, I think I’ve got a cinnamon raisin bagel I’m content with. I started with Joshua Weissman’s plain bagel recipe, then adapted techniques, tips, and recipes I’ve read along…


Quote on Instruction

Reason instructs the wise;Experience instructs those of less understanding;Necessity instructs the most ignorant;Nature instructs beasts. A restructured version of a quote I saw somewhere

Black Man with White Beard and Large White Afro that whimsically whisps upward like a flame

White Afro – First Painting of 2021

I watched a reaction video to another video called, “What are White People Superior At?”, and a quick blip of this guy caught my attention. Interesting look and silhouette with his big white afro, beard, and some glasses. So I…