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by Efrain Gomez


Tag: art

Painting of Anthony Ramos in Procreate | Timelapse Video

This digital painting timelapse of Anthony Ramos (In the Heights, Monsters in Men, She’s Gotta Have It, A Star is Born) was made in Procreate app on an iPad with an Apple Pencil.  My illustration is based on a photo from his instagram feed. See my Instagram post here ~~~~~~~~🌐📸 ~~~~~~~~MUSIC:“Papov” and “Nilly

fat bebby face painting in Procreate | Timelapse video

This digital painting timelapse of a ‘fat bebby face’ was made in Procreate app on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. ~~~~~~~~ 🌐 📸… ~~~~~~~~ MUSIC: “Wolf Moon” by Unicorn Heads in Youtube Audio Library “Never Sunny in Philadelphia” by Single Friend in YouTube Audio Library

Artist Statement?

Art criticism demands a specific voice and definition of your art. Many artists believe that their art must ‘say something’, thus fulfilling some arbitrary parameters. For those of us who studied art formally*, it’s often required to pass a class or graduate. Following society’s trend of allowing everyone to have their own version of the

Pixies on Pandas! Illustration

why do they ride pandas if they have wings? maybe flight drains their magical powers? and wouldn’t these be GARGANTUAN-sized pixies? or are these teeny tiny pandas?maybe this united group of ostracized giant pixies were considered abominations in their culture and their wings are torn off at birth?or maybe a slight genetic variation gives them