Art criticism demands a specific voice and definition of your art. Many artists believe that their art must ‘say something’, thus fulfilling some arbitrary parameters. For those of us who studied art formally*, it’s often required to pass a class or graduate. Following society’s trend of allowing everyone to have their own version of the truth, artist’s statements can be anything, everything, and nothing.

The Art World: What is your art about? What does your art say about the current social climate? What is your voice?

Me:  Well, it’s all kindalikesorta, ya know?

Storytelling is also a part of the arts, and knowing the story or artist behind an art piece can enhance or detract from it. I like when an art piece speaks for itself. Whether it’s a cartoon doodle or a filmed character-study, I don’t always want explanations, backstory, and cleverly-worded, heartstring-pulling artist bios. Let the art stand or fall while the viewer opines on its meaning and artistic value. Part of making art is about expression and catharsis, and the affinity for creating for creation’s sake. I’m not even against artists’ statement, really; I just like to draw.  

* MFA, Visual Development – Academy of Art University / BA, Cinematic Arts & Technology – CSU Monterey Bay