L’Chaim! Tree of Life Couple Mural Design

Themes swirling around in this mural design:
Tree of Life / Cross on top — the first tree and the last tree — symbolizing the Creator’s covering and blessing over the marriage design of male and female joined as one, (an artsy blessing on my own marriage); this sacred union as offering unto God, the ‘offering flame’ of old Hebrew calligraphy (spelling l’chaim) is a nod to the roots of the Bible and my faith

L’Chaim! To Life! – a declaration of double blessing and abundant life.

I’m not a huge fan of explaining my artwork. I don’t always properly verbalize what basic visuals can. most of the time it’s personal, and I just want to make something aesthetically pleasing.
Anyway….a black and white design was the goal. And several of The Bible Project‘s awesome videos might’ve been on my mind.

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