🌈the more you knoooooww✨
Let’s say a wild predator is devastating an environment. We might attempt to tame or control this oppressive, destructive beast. Or we might try to live in harmony, adapt to their oppression, learn and play by their rules, respect their space, maybe even imitate their behaviours, but it might be futile. Some beasts are hyper-consuming, unsharing, destructive aberrations that shouldn’t or can’t be tamed. This savage predator may threaten your survival, so the only rational action is to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from the creature to destroy the creature itself, for its own good, and for the good of everyone else.

In conclusion, it is my expert opinion that the hidden message of NOPE is: G.R.O.W. = Get Rid of Whitey

“They chose you”
🎨This little video might only make sense if you’ve seen NOPE. In any case I finally got a chance to play with Adobe Character Animator using a puppet from *Okay Samurai*