Pixie Cholas on Panda Express – Illustration

You’re welcome.

Years ago, my cousin and I were working on something serious (I think), and I wandered in my doodles, as per yoozh. A totally random phrase, “pygmies on pandas”, popped into my brains and I started doodling it on a post-it note pad. The original sketch was absurd and crude, had potentially offensive leanings, and made us laugh at the time, but nothing came of it.

Recently my cousin asked if I could come up with a new version of the silly doodle, but changing it to the less offensive “pixies on pandas. Side note: I learned that pixies are not the same as fairies, and that Tinkerbell from Peter Pan was technically a fairy even though they’re all about snorting the pixie dust or whatever. Anyway, this panda-riding pixie was to be a kind of warrior. That’s where the doodle was supposed to stay.

I forgot to tell him that as I was updating it, I veered off track and word-associated my way into the phrase “pixie cholas eating Panda Express.” Thusly, you can see the end result of creative exploration and the evolution of a post-it note meandering 😂

The end… or is it?

*dun dun DUNNNN*.

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