Tech Guy #4 in American Auto

Booked a co-star job on Peacock’s American Auto Season 2 Episode 5. Here’s my bit chopped out.

And next is my original self-tape audition video, and what the final scene looks like in the show…

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the slight dimming of my soul behind my eyes as I excitedly spew tech jargon on a show of which I’m actually a fan knowing I’ll be montage’d into a snippy tech sequence similar to my first TV job* wherein several Silicon Valley CEOs earnestly present their run-of-the-mill tech companies while thinking they’re edgy industry disruptors; meanwhile, on paper, the big studios can look good fulfilling their diversity hiring quota for the business stats and trades.

I’m not jaded.

Fun facts:
* All the Tech Guy actors read most of the lines you see in the sequence for their auditions. Then they cast us as characters at different companies. I was cast as Tech Guy #4.

* I’m pretty sure I was holding a little green battery for my scene, and the magical TV wizards removed it from my hand! Pretty weird and cool.

* My first TV acting role was in a very similar sequence on HBO’s Silicon Valley. I was another ‘tech guy’ in a familiar sequence of tech dudes talking jargon in their presentations, all saying something similar, while thinking they’re all ‘disrupting’ the industry.

Wait, am I going backwards?

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