Lab Tech #2 in CSI: Vegas S03E05

I got a co-star line in a recent episode of CSI: Vegas, season 3 episode 5. They actually showed my face (profile) for a second! Fun shoot!

Tech Guy #4 in American Auto

Booked a co-star job on Peacock’s American Auto Season 2 Episode 5. Here’s my bit chopped out.

And next is my original self-tape audition video, and what the final scene looks like in the show…

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the slight dimming of my soul behind my eyes as I excitedly spew tech jargon on a show of which I’m actually a fan knowing I’ll be montage’d into a snippy tech sequence similar to my first TV job* wherein several Silicon Valley CEOs earnestly present their run-of-the-mill tech companies while thinking they’re edgy industry disruptors; meanwhile, on paper, the big studios can look good fulfilling their diversity hiring quota for the business stats and trades.

I’m not jaded.

Fun facts:
* All the Tech Guy actors read most of the lines you see in the sequence for their auditions. Then they cast us as characters at different companies. I was cast as Tech Guy #4.

* I’m pretty sure I was holding a little green battery for my scene, and the magical TV wizards removed it from my hand! Pretty weird and cool.

* My first TV acting role was in a very similar sequence on HBO’s Silicon Valley. I was another ‘tech guy’ in a familiar sequence of tech dudes talking jargon in their presentations, all saying something similar, while thinking they’re all ‘disrupting’ the industry.

Wait, am I going backwards?

NOPE=G.R.O.W – Movie Theory and Puppet Animation Test

🌈the more you knoooooww✨
Let’s say a wild predator is devastating an environment. We might attempt to tame or control this oppressive, destructive beast. Or we might try to live in harmony, adapt to their oppression, learn and play by their rules, respect their space, maybe even imitate their behaviours, but it might be futile. Some beasts are hyper-consuming, unsharing, destructive aberrations that shouldn’t or can’t be tamed. This savage predator may threaten your survival, so the only rational action is to apply the knowledge you’ve gained from the creature to destroy the creature itself, for its own good, and for the good of everyone else.

In conclusion, it is my expert opinion that the hidden message of NOPE is: G.R.O.W. = Get Rid of Whitey

“They chose you”
🎨This little video might only make sense if you’ve seen NOPE. In any case I finally got a chance to play with Adobe Character Animator using a puppet from *Okay Samurai*

Role in ‘Still Awake’ – a play by Jonathan Langley at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022

I’m in a play coming up in June at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s exciting and challenging since I still feel like a theatre newbie, and theatre/stage performance is what initially sparked my interest in acting. We had our table read and first rehearsals this week, so it’s going well and fast; opening night is in a few weeks! :0

“Still Awake” is a 90-minute dramedy about an ambitious late-night host with a sputtering career who must take momentous action for his show — and country — in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Performance Dates
* Saturday, June 4, 8:30pm
* Saturday, June 11, 5pm
* Sunday, June 12, 12pm
* Saturday, June 18, 5pm
* Thursday, June 23, 7pm   

Buy Tickets (and more info):
Use discount code SOFRINGEY for 10% off

I’m the Guy You Hand the Baby To

A Marshall’s commercial I was in is currently playing. I didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly my Commercial Wife (Shelly Bhalla) handed me the baby 😀 Fun fact: I had a brief part on an episode of “Jane the Virgin” wherein Mz. Bhalla played Krishna, a series regular!

Marshall’s “The Catch”

Pixie Cholas on Panda Express – Illustration

You’re welcome.

Years ago, my cousin and I were working on something serious (I think), and I wandered in my doodles, as per yoozh. A totally random phrase, “pygmies on pandas”, popped into my brains and I started doodling it on a post-it note pad. The original sketch was absurd and crude, had potentially offensive leanings, and made us laugh at the time, but nothing came of it.

Recently my cousin asked if I could come up with a new version of the silly doodle, but changing it to the less offensive “pixies on pandas. Side note: I learned that pixies are not the same as fairies, and that Tinkerbell from Peter Pan was technically a fairy even though they’re all about snorting the pixie dust or whatever. Anyway, this panda-riding pixie was to be a kind of warrior. That’s where the doodle was supposed to stay.

I forgot to tell him that as I was updating it, I veered off track and word-associated my way into the phrase “pixie cholas eating Panda Express.” Thusly, you can see the end result of creative exploration and the evolution of a post-it note meandering 😂

The end… or is it?

*dun dun DUNNNN*.

Two Are Better Than One – Christmas Dreamland

I drew Maggie and Gabe, characters from the Angelus Temple’s “Christmas Dreamland” musical production, in poses reminiscent of Bill Watterson’s dancing Calvin & Hobbes.

cowabunga – TMNT Michelangelo

alt title: numchuk turtle 🐢

Seagull Paletero

this dumb seagull paletero was supposed to be a fun quick drawing of a pigeon and ended up taking me a million years. added some fun hype stickers from “Fairfax” on Prime.

Seagull Paletero