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Tech Guy #4 in American Auto

Booked a co-star job on Peacock’s American Auto Season 2 Episode 5. Here’s my bit chopped out. And next is my original self-tape audition video, and what the final scene looks like in the show… Don’t blink or you’ll miss…

I’m the Guy You Hand the Baby To

A Marshall’s commercial I was in is currently playing. I didn’t know what was going on, and suddenly my Commercial Wife (Shelly Bhalla) handed me the baby 😀 Fun fact: I had a brief part on an episode of “Jane…

Pixie Cholas on Panda Express – Illustration

You’re welcome. Years ago, my cousin and I were working on something serious (I think), and I wandered in my doodles, as per yoozh. A totally random phrase, “pygmies on pandas”, popped into my brains and I started doodling it…

Seagull Paletero

this dumb seagull paletero was supposed to be a fun quick drawing of a pigeon and ended up taking me a million years. added some fun hype stickers from “Fairfax” on Prime.


will smith cracked after cracking up at chris rock cracking wise on smith’s wife at the pantheon of a cracked industry we inhale deeply on repeat crack rock smoke of wisecrack wildfire we spread of our own will //// blacksmith swings furious shaping hope from despairswinging endlesslyslam…

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