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Category Thoughts


will smith cracked after cracking up at chris rock cracking wise on smith’s wife at the pantheon of a cracked industry we inhale deeply on repeat crack rock smoke of wisecrack wildfire we spread of our own will //// blacksmith swings furious shaping hope from despairswinging endlesslyslam…


cut down the tree! rotted fruit at its feet! endless wandering and wondering ignoring answers and endings looking and shouting past the First Love calling us from the doorway real pain, real sorrow real healing, real God He’s knocking, calling,…

Quote on Instruction

Reason instructs the wise;Experience instructs those of less understanding;Necessity instructs the most ignorant;Nature instructs beasts. A restructured version of a quote I saw somewhere

Artist Statement?

Art criticism demands a specific voice and definition of your art. Many artists believe that their art must ‘say something’, thus fulfilling some arbitrary parameters. For those of us who studied art formally*, it’s often required to pass a class…

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